Chef Stiles recently obtained a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics / Emphasis in Food Innovation from Saint Louis University. This program has three primary components: nutrition, entrepreneur business & culinary arts. They are woven together with a common thread of sustainability and social justice, but a greater emphasis is placed on the culinary arts and business with the goal of building local sustainable food systems and farm-to-table operations. During High School thru college to his first job, he started in the restaurant industry, promoted to roles of increasing responsibility and eventually re-modeled and opened 6 restaurants. In college, he had a position called “Student catering manager” at Marriott. After college, he managed/cooked for 1,000-seat banquet hall, 3 food services, a resort and two franchises. 

Most recently, Kurt had the opportunity to support the opening of a new, USDA funded, North City Food Hub/Commercial kitchen in Saint Louis. The focus of the Food Hub was educated with diverse clienteles, Food Hub users on the method of using $250,000 commercial equipment.